Fan’s & Press Comments

Pandemic has been terrible, but out of it was “meeting” great artists like you who brought their artistry to many who other wise would have never because of distance, enjoyed their music these Facebook concerts have given us.  I hope in some way they continue to be online too. – Kim B

He’s Americana incarnate, a living, breathing, walking, stomping repository of the blues. He’s part storyteller, part shaman. He’s none other than … T-Bone Mojo! ~ Preacher Boy, Coast Road Records

When T-Bone Mojo plays the blues, you can feel every highway mile he’s ever traveled. There’s a mystical quality to his sound that can only be attributed to a life-long commitment to sharing one’s experiences through song. Whether he’s laying down legendary psychedelic grooves with an electric bass or holding an intimate audience spellbound with his acoustic guitars, Toby aka T Bone Mojo embodies the heart and soul of American music. – Heidi Holton, International Blues Artist

“you guys slayed it today, thanks for always being awesome!” Davenport Roadhouse

Wow, are we excited to start makin’ T-Bone Mojo a regular on our stage! This man’s roots run deep, and his sound sits in SO beautifully with the deep flavors of the world’s best BBQ! C’mon down tonight and let’s keep on welcomin’ the T-Bone to the BBQ!”  – Crossroads BBQ Carmel, CA

“T-Bone Mojo sweetens the smokey atmosphere of Crossroads barbecue, taking his musical cues from Muddy Waters, JJ Cale and more. It might be Carmel, but there’s nothing like the twang lap steel guitar and the pull of a harmonica that transports diners to another time and place.” – Monterey Weekly

“He sounds like he has an “old black man” inside him!” – Bar Manager at Monterey’s Ocean Thunder

 “Toby (T Bone) is a tremendous singer songwriter, with thousands of songs at his command and a Santa Cruz treasure! If you aren’t familiar you need to be!” – Laura February Strange

“For me, the highlight of the concert was T Bone and David Laflamme had very memorable solos. My second favorite piece was their performance of “Santa Cruz” (composed by David and T Bone) ). Again, very nice instrumental work. <snip>”  – Bennett Scharf  

“Be sure and tell T Bone to keep up the good work… he is too much, I had almost forgotten what a real musician should look and sound like, now that really took me back, thanks T Bone!” – Jeff,  Denver

” <snip> By the time you guys did Time is…… I thought the roof was just going to fly off of the Fur Peace Station. Big Thanks……..let’s do it again! Blessings and Respect” – John Hurlbut – Fur Peace Ranch Manager

What….a night! The music was incredible! – JS

You guys sounded fantastic this evening! So nice seeing you. – MH

Blues Harmonica Master Lee Oskar and I when he sat in with us Kansas City  July 4 Festival.
I Endorse Lee Oskar’s Harmonicas.