T Bone Mojo

With a repertoire heavily influenced by the titans of blues—Robert Johnson’s haunting Delta sounds, Muddy Waters’ Chicago swing, and the fiery fretwork of Eric Clapton—T Bone Mojo brings a piece of music history to the stage. Each strum, hum, and soul-stirring vocal invites you into an era where blues was king and every note told a story.
Performing as a Trio, Duo, or Solo, often with guests, this talented group of musicians knows how to put on a show, and they bring their signature blend of Blues, Rock, and Originals to the party to make it an unforgettable night.

The band format features veterans of the ’60’s SF and East Coast music scenes.
Performing Originals and our unique versions of songs from B.B. King to ZZ Top.
Fun and Groovin’ up energy group often featuring special guests geared to getting the party going, folks tapping their feet and on the dance floor. Lower volume settings are easily accommodated.
Quality and variety to your event. Modern sound system and lighting.

Fans Comments

  • Man what a killer show today. You guys are amazing! ~ “you guys slayed it today, thanks for always being awesome!” Davenport Roadhouse
  • You guys were great thanks for playing! I needed to dance and you made it happen! ~ Vicki J
  • You guys were fabulous!!!! Thank you. My first time out in a year 🙂 ~ Gerry C
  • You guys sounded great!! ??? ~ John M
  • Opening night with you All was perfect. <snip> Thank you guys ??? ~ Sunny R
  • Great show! ~ Vicky W
  • Thank you Toby Gray T-Bone Mojo & gang, what an amazing evening of music!! Julie B
  • T-bone definitely rocked <snip> thank you we enjoyed our afternoon! Markie R
  • So much fun last night. So wonderful to see all the friends. Much needed by everyone. Linda C
T-Bone Mojo at The Roadhouse today! 
Man, great blues musicians are so badass!

T Bone Mojo Band LIVE Recording

Venues Performed:

Mission ST BBQ
Aptos ST BBQ
Crossroads BBQ
Davenport Road House
Greater Purpose Brewery
Cork and Fork
Vino By the Sea
Crows Nest
Highway 1 Brewery
Fish House
Joe’s Bar
Crystal Bay Farm
Brookdale Lodge
Holy Smokes BBQ
Steel Bonnet
Don Quixotes
Coconut Grove
Moe’s Alley
Michael’s On Main
Seascape Resort
Bayview Hotel
New Bohemian Brewery
Robbies Pizza
Whale City
Seabright Brewery
Moss Landing Inn
Sly Mc Flys
Skinny McDoogles
Blue Fin
Squid Festival
Ocean Thunder
The Aptos Club
The Windjammer
Aromas Day

Band Schedule and Unavailable Dates

Contact: TBoneMojo@Gmail.com